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greasy hair/skin?

I have, for my whole life, had terribly oily skin and hair. I recently started using function of beauty for my hair, and it really helps, however since i've started it my hair has been very frizzy and still gets greasy the day after I wash (although significantly less so than before.) I've had to wash every other day, i tried to space more but my hair is just so greasy. I have acne and oily skin so I use cerave products for oily skin and moisturize twice a day, but it's still so so oily (although less than with other skin products i used before.) I've also been diagnosed with severe GAD, which I guess produces too much cortisol and, according to my dermatologist, is the cause for my greasiness. I'm not currently on medication for GAD, would getting on it help?  What would you recommend for my oily/frizzy hair and how often should I use it, or for my overly oily skin? I've been struggling with this my whole life, and am willing to pay whatever it takes to fix these things. 


also, face is a pinkish shade despite me having a darker olive skintone over the rest of my body. It's not flushed or irritated, im just pink for some reason. Is there a way to change this without makeup?

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    i would ask a hair salon to help you with that

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