Does this sound racist or making statement? ?

I told my neighbor my husband and I were looking at houses and possibly moving. 

She asked me why? I told her it seemed

like there are alot of black here. 

She got all mad and called me racist once again ever since her and boyfriend invited us to their BBQ cookout with their family since we left the cookout early to go eat. Its been ongoing thing about racist.

My husband has rebel flag tattoos and we are leading towards that why they keep calling us racist and possibly they might think we are rednecks since we are deer hunters.

So they went to the apartment office and talk to the girl showing her screenshots of text of possibly last year stuff and on top of that they went to school with the girl in the office. 

We got eviction notice this week which is fine.! We are also thinking the office lady might be dating a black which is why she was helping my neighbors who are biracials. 

I just think the office lady is breaking her rules since she isn't supposed to take sides but she did. They all did us a favor and its for the best! 

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  • Foofa
    Lv 7
    5 months ago

    Yes, you sound like a racist. As you'll now have to find a place to live you might want to keep some of this vitriol to yourself. Few want to live near people like you and most landlords prefer tenants who aren't potential sources of conflict. 

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