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who is George Soros? where does he live? why everyone is brain washed to think he is behind everything bad in the USA?

is he the red herring "Boogy man"? like Bill Gates or the owner of Amazon? why people are so stupid..surely the people really in power of stuff would not even be on the radar at all?

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    George Soros is a Hungarian born American billionaire investor.  He's also a prominent donor to various left wing causes.  Conspiracy theories around Soros are partly taken from his extreme wealth (estimated worth of $8 billion) and his factual devotion to left wing political causes.  But they also come from other sources as well.  For authoritarians, particularly in his native Hungary (which recently suspended democracy), he's seen as a genuine threat because he supports good governance, democracy, and open societies and has the money and resources to back up those beliefs.  Anti-Semitism also plays a role, probably particularly in Europe, but also in the US.  Soros is Jewish and combined with his occupation as an investment banker this plays into a lot of old stereotypes about Jews secretly controlling wealth.  Part of it is also inspired by an unwillingness of right wingers, particularly in the US, to admit that left wing causes and ideas might be genuinely popular.  It's more comforting for them to think that these agendas are being pushed on people by a shadowy and evil billionaire, than to acknowledge that people actually believe in them

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    Your first question is all that is needed to know that you have no business weighing in on what's going on. You act like you don't know who he is but then you defend him - you're biased against America and should just leave.

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    "who is George Soros? where does he live?"

    no idea, no idea, another american in trouble somehow

    "why everyone is brain washed to think he is behind everything bad in the USA...?"

    everything bad that happens in the usa, is caused by americans in the greater majority of cases.  The only person soley responsible for what happens in a country is the leader of said country,

    in the meantime trump can't even handle an umbrella

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    George Soros is a billionaire.

    In right-wing mythology, George Soros is an evil mastermind planning to destroy white people by pushing eh... whatever isn't white in Europe and North America.

    He is also of Jewish descent so neo-nazis love blaming him or literally any other jew (the Rothschilds are a favorite) for everything. Everything is da joooooooooooos fault, whitey dindu nuffin.

    It is no different than left-wing blaming teh evil pootin and roosia or non-nazi conservatards blaming Bill Gates or Obama.

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