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Do you think 3rd time sex offenders should be hanged (in public too if yes?)?

Of course this likely won't happen and I would think most believe that it shouldn't. This is a question about a hypothetical situation. What you would do if you were making the rules.

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  • Clive
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    4 months ago

    No, because I totally disagree with capital punishment.  If you really want to be nasty to someone, give them a life sentence without parole.  When they're dead, all their troubles are over.  Why do you want to give people the easy way out?

    But if you're going to have capital punishment, hanging by the long drop is as quick and humane a way as any of doing it.  In British practice, after setting up the gallows for the calculated length of drop the day before, the actual process took 10 seconds or less.  Get the length of rope right, calculated from the prisoner's weight, and the instantaneous force of the drop causes instant death from a broken neck.  The only thing I can think of that's quicker is the Chinese method - a bullet in the back of the neck.

    And for goodness' sake, don't faff about with it the way the USA does.  It takes so long to be executed there that they might as well just sentence to life in the first place.  More American murderers die on death row than ever get executed.

    Execution in public only ever made grotesque public entertainment and that's why it ended up being abolished just about everywhere.

    I do actually have experience of this.  I did jury service 20 years ago on a child rape case.  We found the defendant guilty of all charges of rape and indecent assault on 4 girls, and then the prosecution barrister said he'd been convicted of a child sex offence before.  Which of course we didn't know before as that's not relevant to what he did THIS time round.  The judge didn't sentence at the time - they rarely do in Crown Court (this was in England) to give time to obtain probation and other reports - so when I rang the court later to find out, of course I wanted to know what spending 2 weeks in court listening to all this had achieved, I was told he'd been given life.  They didn't tell me the minimum custodial term and I didn't ask because I knew less then about what a life sentence means.  It wouldn't have been whole life as that is only ever given for murder.

    But that seems reasonable to me.  He didn't learn from last time so next time round, hit him with the maximum.  If he is ever released, he's on probation for life, and is also on the sex offender register for life so he is subject to random visits from the local police child protection team.  So he's either still in prison, or somewhere outside still on police radar.

  • Anna
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    4 months ago

    No they should be locked up until they die. If I was making the rules then all rapists would be behind bars until they die. Anyone who was caught in the act of raping a child would be hung in public. Anyone suspected of raping (or killing) a child would be sent to prison until they die (and if they were found to be innocent they could be released). 

  • 4 months ago

    If I were making the rules, there would be no third time.  No second time either.  How many rapes or molestations is acceptable?  None.  Once would land them in a prison camp, where they have slop to eat, no TV, no computers, no library, no fitness gym.  Just put to work and misery to realize.

  • 4 months ago

    Absolutely.   But it doesn't have to be hanging, any method of execution will do.  

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