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I shared a few sexual pictures with a guy, but now I regret it and don't want to do it anymore. He's asking me for more, what should I do?  ?

The thing is I don't want him to remember me that way, so I kinda want to let him know that I regret it and don't want to do these things anymore before cutting off contact with him. 

Should I block him right away or tell him "I don't want to do this anymore", and then block him? (or wait for his response?) 

We only met like a few days ago and he was a pretty considerate person but also was really..uhm, horny. I was kinda horny too but I immediately regretted it after we sexted and went on cam a little...

The few pictures I sent him, he deleted them. So I guess he is a little bit trustworthy (or showing himself that way for now, idk?) so IDK what to do. Should I just block and forget about it or let him know that I don't want to do it and that's the reason I will cut off contact? 

how will he respond to this and will he believe me/take it seriously if I say I regret it, and respect it? 


@Extruder so what should I do? :( 

Update 2:

thanks. but should i tell him and then block him? or just block him right away?

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    I completely agree with Extruder.

    What's done is done. Learn from your mistakes and use more caution when you meet people online because people aren't always as they portray themselves. If a guy starts getting inappropriate, tell him you're not interested. If he insists, boot/block him. Once you get to the level of sending sexy pics, it's hard to go back to simpler conversations. He is going to keep wanting more and more. And once the pics are sent on the internet, you have lost control over them. Save those intimate parts of yourself for someone who is "all in" in a relationship with you. 

    No one is perfect, but learn from this mistake and move forward.

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    If you believe a horny guy really deleted your sexy pics then you are incredibly naive!  

    * Live and learn. Never send a sexy pic especially if your face is visible.  I would block the guy.  If he threatens you then document everything and go to the police. 

    ** just block him. If you’re under age in your country perhaps warn him if he shares your photos he’s distributing child porn. 

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    say NO !!! IF he keeps pushing, tell your parents .....................

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