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Why is my body broken down like an old man, even though im still young?

I can Tell how Beat up my Body is when i go to work. I already have had bad knees. i havent Seen a doc yet but i need to soon. Cause i am an Über Eats Bike rider. Ive BEEN Riding my Bike almost everyday for the last 2 months doing deliveries. Now its taking a toll on my knees. I feel the discomfort, and pressure them. Im afraid something is gonna Pop soon and my knees will BE screwed forever.ää  Im 25 years old now. And i also have back problems. Yesterday i was atäö another job Unloading packages from a Diesel Truck. I had to lift about 500 boxes that were 60 lbs each and stack them all on wooden pallets. And fast. Today i can feel my back aching from that work. I just dont know why im Pained easily. why do i have Bad knees and a Bad back already Like im an old man, Even Though im 25. Why?


I do tend to Lean towards more physically demanding Jobs rather than mental thats what im better at and what i prefer to do. 

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  • Lilly
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    4 weeks ago

    Gently stretch a little in the morning. At least 3 to 4 days a week at first, until you feel good doing it 5 days a week. It will help you a lot. Natural movements. Find a nice gentle lengthen and strengthen type of stretching routine online. Youtube probably.

    Go see a Physiotherapist if you can. They can help give you the kind of stretches you need. Muscles contract if they are not stretched out enough and then are put through too much work. Be gentle with yourself. Look up stretches to help your back and knees if you can't see the Physio person. If you do stretching consistently you will get over your problem and gradually become stronger too. But remember be gentle. If you stretch too much or too hard you can hurt yourself too. So  just ease into it and over time things will improve a lot.

    Also be sure to drink a good amount of water on the days you are working on your bike. Being hydrated is also important.

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Are you eating well? With all that physical activity, and at your age, I’d expect your physical strength should be improving.  Like you should have a rock hard body.  Increase proteins and cut out sugars in your diet. Grilled chicken & fish would be a good start. 

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