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A family break up with my sister over politics?

My sister asked me...

If she had a wooden gun turret bunker thing ontop of her roof..

And she had her house barricaded..

She had no electricity, no running water, no gas service, no tv, internet or phone service..

No clothes, she just ran around naked..

Eating other people's garden plants, and defeating in the street..

And she had a loudspeaker, through which she motor-mouthe stupid, incoherent things on..

And she had a serious conflict with the police and she was shooting at the police from her wooden rooftop bunker thing..

And I was a soldier in the US Army...

What would I do ?

I told her that I would use an Abrams tank to shoot the wooden bunker off of your roof..

With or without you in it..

Then I would use my Abrams tank to shoot your house door open, through the barricades.

And then I would shoot her if necessary.

I don't play those games.

United States, LONG before EVANS.


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    What's the military connection?

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