Can an Android phone be upgraded via WiFi ?

I have an Alcatel phone, I use only via WiFi and Bluetooth; it never had cellular service. Now, I need to upgrade the operating system to install Fusion, OBD II diagnostic software.

Currently, I'm getting the following error message: "Cannot reach server."

1 Answer

  • 8 months ago

    Is your phone carrier branded? In other words, does it have a logo from a carrier like AT&T or T-Mobile or any other carrier? Some Android phones will only check for updates if they have a SIM card from the original carrier. I had an AT&T Galaxy S5 a few years ago that did the same thing.

    I'm not familiar with Alcatel phones, but some manufacturers provide a "flash tool" that lets you flash a newer version of Android. Samsung phones have something called Odin and LG has LG Flash tool. I'm not sure if Alcatel has something similar.

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