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What is the equation for Graph B? Use C for hours in class and S for hours studying. Use * to indicate multiplication ?

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    We can see that there is a direct relationship between the two.

    The both start at zero. Then as the number of hours in class (C) increases, the number of hours studying (S) increases in a linear fashion.

    That means the S is some constant multiplier of C.

    S = kC

    But what is that multiplier?

    Looking at the chart, 

    when C = 2, S = 1

    when C = 4, S = 2

    when C = 6, S = 3

    when C = 8, S = 4

    when C = 10, S = 5

    It's pretty obvious that the time studying is exactly half of the time in class.

    S = ½C

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