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Can you get pregnant on your period?

My husband and I had sex on day number 2 and 3 of my period and he finished inside me both times. I got worried today though because I read somewhere that you can still get pregnant. Should I get a plan B pill? Sorry if this is a stupid question. We’re newly married and still figuring all this out. 

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    During a period - especially during the first few days of a period - is the LOWEST risk for pregnancy.

    Ovulation happens ABOUT 14 days BEFORE a period.  The egg lives for about 12 to 24 hours.  By the time a period arrives - the previous egg is DEAD.

    Sperm could live inside you for about 5 days - but unless you have a VERY, VERY short cycle, your next ovulation should be more than 5 days away which means the sperm will be dead when the next egg arrives.

    I would not waste money on Plan B at this time.  Remember that Plan B should NOT be used more than ONCE during any cycle and should not be used more than a very few times PER YEAR.  Plan B is truly meant to be for EMERGENCIES - not for "I don't want to use a condom today."

    Talk to your doctor about birth control options if you are not ready to start a family.  The pill is very effective if taken as directed.  So is the depo shot and the implant.  

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    No you can't.  I'd explain it but there's not enough small words.

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