Why can't I comment until June 30th on Facebook ?

I barely even comment & when I comment , it's nothing bad at all , I couldn't even like/react , comment or post & didn't even know for how long that was , but I was relieved when I could start doing that , but now I can't comment til June 30th ? I don't even post or comment nothing bad . Someone playing with me ?


Wooowww 😑 I just tried posting a comment & it started letting me ... I think Facebook playing with me

Update 2:

Again , I can't post , comment , or like/react 😑

Update 3:

So on my my account I made like 3 days ago , that one is also " temporarily blocked from performing this action " . I don't even post or comment anything offensive , I know what the rules are 

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2 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    This is as a result of you posting content that went against the Community Standards multiple times. Even Facebook warned you too many times to stop it; yet, you continued to do so despite their warnings.

    • Adam1 month agoReport

      But like I said , I know the rules . I haven't broken a single rule , I don't post or comment anything offensive 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    learn manners and next time you'll be accepted

    • Adam1 month agoReport

      I know what the rules are . I am not bad 😕

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