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Family issues ?

I’m 21 with a really great job and apartment is the city. However I needed to stay with my mom for a week while my apartment has renovations. I’ve had many problems with family before. My dad stopped talking to me two years ago and all I had for close family was my mom. Since being here for the week she’s attempted to “kick me out” at least ten times. She’s brainwashed my younger sister into hating me and they always take her side when it comes to anything. We got into an argument due to her being rude and ended in me nearly getting kicked out again. My 13 year old sister constantly says “get out, leave, I can’t wait for you to leave” and they allow it. After our argument my mom and sister went to my stepdad and said how much I ruin the night by being here and to do something about it. I feel so helpless as this has gone on for 21 years with my mother and now I feel so alone. Does anyone have any advice. I’ve been told many times by people around to me cut them out of my life however I’ve always been scared. 

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    maybe you should stay somewhere else

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