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My dad still protects his family, even though I tried killing myself because of them, I am the bad guy?

My dad and I were having a discussion about something, and I told them the reason why I don't like his family is because they bullied me, telling me I was a thief, loner, and an idiot. and they would talk badly about each other and especially behind my dad's back. His brother would constantly bully me calling me a j*ackass and I would tell my dad and he would say he was only joking, but my uncle would say it when we're alone or if he was around the corner telling someone about me and i overheard. Im 19 and i finally told him about some of the most heartful things to me in my life and he didnt even care and it really hurted me like wow, the first i told him something personal i felt like it was the wrong time, the next time he didnt even care. i just dont understand, like iam wrong for what i believe in my life? iam just another random person with dreams that wont come true? iam playing the victim?

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  • Pearl
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    4 months ago
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    i dont think youre the bad guy

  • Rick B
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    4 months ago

    You are an adult.  If you do not want to be around those people, then don't.  It would be nice if your dad were supportive, but he isn't.  Move on.

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