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Will my crush think im marriage material if im cute and always make him and his brother laugh by accident?

I mean a lot of ppl just find me funny just by existing... I think i just say stuff in a funny way or something. Maybe im an aspergers girl.

Anyway yeah... Will he think 'i want this little clown in my life'?

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    Men, like women, use their eyes first.  Then they look at personality, jealousy issues and if they like what they see they will continue.  Comedy is great to an extent but too much will make him think you are ditzy, or not smart.  But then he could be the controlling type who wants to tell you what to think, how to dress, who you can call and talk to.  Soon he will alienate you from your friends and family because then he can control you better.

    Honey the best information I can give you is be yourself.  If you are naturally funny then ok but sometimes you have to be serious.  Don't be afraid to show him you have smarts and goals in life.  And if he walks... then he wasn't the right one.

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    Men are very visual oriented. Try to look your best. Beautiful, but not slutty. Good luck. 

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