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What can I say to him?!?

I didn’t handle my breakup well at all and I broke no contact a lot. He viewed my Snapchat stories after we broke up and I told him I missed talking to him and he said it back.

He didn’t want anything serious ( we broke up due to distance ) and he just wanted to be fwb which I didn’t think was a good idea but still agreed because I missed him.

That didn’t really work out too wel and I would text him multiple times to meet up or just to spark up a convo and now I feel like I looked needy. Whenever we were on talking terms, he would view my story and In January I cut things off because we were arguing and I apologized and he said it was cool then I stopped talking to him. 

Abt a week later he stopped viewing my Snapchat stories for good. Abt 4 months later I posted a text convo and he viewed it out of nowhere so I knew he was curious. And lately he has been viewing all of my snaps since I went to the beach. I think it’s weird because like o said he only does this when we’re on speaking terms. So what’s his motive. I honestly wouldn’t think anything of it if we weren’t exes but we have a lot of history and rlly liked each other. Is he trying to hint to be in a subtle way that he misses me or something like that, this is weird. I haven’t talked to him in 7 months and I rlly do miss him but this is weird of him. Why is he doing this and what can I say to spark a convo? I want to say something soon because my summer is ending and we wont get to see each other during first semester.

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    You both miss each other terribly, and it would be wise of you to cut off all contact and focus on moving on. The distance issue isn't going to change, so if there is no compromise on that, then why waste any more of your time on him?

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