Any legal minds on complaint served by the Constable?

Rental house in county GIS records has Jane & Wendy Baker as owners. 2009 Jane gave Wendy 1%. Wendy may be her daughter. In 2012 Wendy got 100% of the rental house. Tax bill & address of the owner of the house are both in Jane's & Wendy's name, though Jane no longer owns any of it. We think Wendy lives out of the county & Jane is paying property taxes, handling tenant complaints, etc. We need to serve papers & constable said he can't serve the rental house but could serve either of name on the tax records, though Jane doesn't own any of the property. I think we have Jane's mailing address. On the owner all we know is the name that is on the records (2012) Wendy Baker. Likely Wendy is now married & don't have her last name - location. Jane does. But if Jane senses a hint that legal action may be headed to her (their way) all Jane has to do is call register of deeds, say she does not own it, take her name off the records. If that happens we would have lost one of the people who could be served. Jane knows where Wendy is. But she can deny knowing where. leaving the constable with no options. The property card also shows Wendy's name spelled with a "y" but on the signature it's signed Wendi. And curiously on the GIS records the name of the owners are Jane - Wendy Baker but on signatures, Jane's last name is Decker. As ownership changed and Wendy moved, etc. records weren't updated. How Jane gets hint of legal? We were going 2 send her a letter & explain the issue with her lot. 

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  • Foofa
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    4 months ago
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    These are the things process servers get paid to figure out. 

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    WHERE?  This is an International site, and this is NOT International law.

    About 90% of what you posted is immaterial.  If Wendy "got" 100% of the title, then Wendy is the owner.  I have NO idea how Jane would be involved, because she is the past owner.  If you plan to sue me, why would you sue the former owner of my house?

    If Jane is Wendy's agent, then she is served on Wendy's behalf AS HER LEGAL AGENT.  There is no reason that a non-owner or former owner would be "on the tax records" OTHER than as an agent for the owner.

    You do what every attorney does.  You hire a LICENSED private investigator to determine where Jane is living, Wendy's proper name.

    "How Jane gets hint of legal" makes no sense.

    Why would you send a letter of explanation to someone you are attempt to serve legal papers?

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