Will Rome have to tear down the remains of the Gladiator stadiums?  Since the Gladiators were mostly slaves?

OR will they stand with PRIDE knowing they built that stuff?


Since we are tearing down monuments of great men.

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  • 4 months ago
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    Perhaps, if there is a gladiators' lives matter movement.

  • 4 months ago

     Ah.........school back in session, I see.........

    Traitors to the US ,  are NOT "Great men" 

    Every single officer, who joined the CONFEDERATE ranks,  did so , by LEAVING their UNION commission , and taking up arms,  AGAINST the UNION.   That's called TREASON. 

    If you were older than 12 and actually ever served and knew any Military history, you would know that. 

    Therefore TRAITORS who sought to DESTROY the Union , should NOT have statues  and have people worship them. 

    But I hate seeing great art work destroyed,  so, by all means,   move them to some Historic Civil War Battlefield site where they can be used for educational purposes  so future genearations can understand  what traitors looked like,  and  why they were defeated. 

    In Germany,  when the Nazi's were defeated,  displaying the Nazi flag was OUTLAWED.   Why does the right insist on glorifying the flag of the traitor LOSERS who sought to destroy the UNION. ? 

    Tell me, what is so impressive about their LOSS  and getting their butts kicked? 

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    No. But if you want to hold marches demanding that then you are certainly free to do so.  


    “Monuments of great men”???  You mean racists?  Tear them all down!

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