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A population of 10 000 flies doubles in size every 14 days. The number of flies in the population after 42 days is 40 000. This population of flies is following: *

linear growth

logistic growth

exponential growth

per capita growth

K-selected growth

1 Answer

  • 4 months ago

    The first sentence states it's an exponential growth, but the second sentence is contrary to that.

    If it's 10,000 flies at 0 days and 20,000 flies at 14 days, then 40,000 flies at 42 days, that's linear growth, increasing 10,000 every 14 days (as opposed to doubles every 14 days).

    If it doubled every 14 days, then the population would be 20,000 at 14 days, 40,000 at 28 days, then 80,000 at 42 days.

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