Pandas are born every spring. If an initial population of 62 pandas gives birth to 16 babies, and during that year, 8 pandas die, calculate the panda population in 2 years. Round your answer to the nearest whole number and include a single word for the unit in your answer. *

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  • 4 months ago
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    We have SUM= 62*(1 + (16/62) - (8/62))^2 = 79 pandas ANS.  NOTE:  We assume the numbers of births and deaths are proportional to the number of pandas each year.

  • Vaman
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    4 months ago

    Number of babies born per panda=16/62=8/31 amd the mumber of pandas die= 8/62=4/31. The difference = 4/31. dn/dt= n 4/31

    n=n0 exp(4/31 t). n0=62. After two years, it will be 62*exp(8/31)=80.25 pandas

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