We subject to sexual harassment?

I work for a small department of a large company. There are 11 other women in our department. I really enjoy my job mostly because of our great boss and great co workers. Our boss sees that we are well paid and well trained. He is good friend of all of use. We love to joke around with him and he loves for us to do it.

One day at a staff meeting Carol said “Boss, the next person you hire someone, make it a great looking young guy that likes older women”. He said “I will keep your suggestion in mine the next time I hire a new employee”. “You want me to change my previous qualification for only hiring beautiful women”?

We all had a HUGE laugh at that. We were still laughing in the employee lounge when people from other departments told us we were subject to sexual harassment. If we were bring it on. We want MORE of it.

Do you thing we were subject to sexual harassment?

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  • RP
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    2 months ago
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    No, assuming this light-hearted banter was NOT accompanied by inappropriate behavior. If you are all okay with what occurred, don't worry about the perception of outsiders.

  • 2 months ago

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