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Hand raising a pigeon, advice?

Now, before I get hate, I realize this is a very difficult thing for a human to do. I realize there’s a low chance of survival when there is no mother, I’m aware of that but willing to take on the responsibility and at least give it a try. So a pigeon egg came into my possession from no fault of its own. It’s a long story and I’m not getting into it on here. It’s alive, it has veins and I can see the embryo moving around a bit. It’s currently being incubated at 100 degrees. I rotate it and it’s doing well. But once it hatches I need advice. I’ll list my main questions below. (I did do some research but I’d rather just put all my questions in one spot to organize it better).

•What would I feed the baby? And how often?

•How long does the baby have to be incubated for after it hatches and at what temperature?

•After it doesn’t have to be incubated anymore, could it be kept in a bird coop/chicken coop and at what temperature?

•What do they eat once they get older?

Please just tell me any info that I should know so I know how to look after this baby if it hatches, to the best of my ability. The more I can learn the better. These questions are just ones that I can think of right now, all info is appreciated though. I’m not gonna give up on this little guy no matter how hard it will be. 

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