When BLM Protesters yell out "Pigs in a Blanket Fry Like Bacon", what do they mean?

Are they basing their beliefs about all cops based on a couple of bad?  

Should I judge the black protesters using the same standards?  (Since at least 20 ppl of all races, and cops have died due to their protest?)

If people were never racist, does this give them  a judging standard?

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  • 3 months ago

    well, you start with a false premise...that there's only "a couple" of bad. 

    Hell, this week ALONE , how many MORE incidents have their been, where excessive deadly force was used?  Tasers are not lethal weapons.  They had the guys car.......where was he gonna go?  Ya run the plates, get the address and go arrest the guy.  But, nahhhhhhhh,  shooting him to death for sleeping in a car,  is good too.   And with all the racial violence going on.......you had nothing better to do than arrest a guy catching a few Z's in his car, not bothering a goddamn soul?  That needed to be HANDCUFFED?   How about maybe a warning, or a fine...........nahhhhhh,  3 bullets is good. 

    Problem solved. 

    See, you want to blame everything on the protesters,  without acknowledging one ounce of what they are protesting about.  Because according  to you......there's only a "few"  bad apples.........coast to coast. 

    Dude......an intellectual debate, takes intellectual honesty.........something I tried to make clear to you, in all the answers of mine that you reported and removed  ,  before you asked that totally BOGUS BS question about,  inviting others to dogpile me,  since you couldn't win the debate fair and square, you had to troll me , instead. 

  • 3 months ago

    Democrats are the pigs.

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