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Why do feminist and minorities talk about how much money white men have?

When people bring up how b and all the worlds problems are because of us ad we are treated by society in the west today ? What does money have to do with being treated like we can do nothing right.

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  • 3 months ago

    Because (to throw cliches at you) money is power, and with great power comes great responsibility.  And right now, the people in power, who are mostly rich white men, are screwing up *by the numbers*.  They could hardly be doing much worse if they were actually directly following a script entitled "how to screw over the poor".

  • 3 months ago

    It's part of the pretense that white working class and poor men are just as responsible for the system as the wealthy who own and operate it.

    These AREN'T justice-seekers. These are wannabe PARTICIPANTS in capitalist exploitation.

    Give 'em a couple of seats in the boardroom along with the superrich white men who own and operate USA, Inc. and watch how fast they change their tune.

    But when Bubba & DeeDee, and LaShawn and Keisha, finally get *together* this system is TOAST.

    Source(s): Workers of the World Unite
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    "Why do feminist and minorities talk about how much money white men have?"

    Feminist and Leftists use critical theory (from Frankfurt school cultural Marxism) in order to deny our INDIVIDUAL EQUALITY that we all have by law.  Instead, they look to the no longer existing GROUP rights/privileges that used to exist long before any of us were even born ... that still exist in other parts of the world, particularly in the Islamic, and much of the developing world.

    Using those faulty metrics, these sjw's and "progressive" (regressive) activists notice that most of the rich in the West are White men ...even though most White men are NOT rich.  Their simpleton identity politics allows them to not notice the second half of that last statement, to the point where they group all White men to be a privileged, rich class.  They do the same thing with every other group, by denying our individual equality, to come up with their faulty, nonsensical garbage.

    This is how they push social change away from individual equality, towards blatant discrimination people by defined groups.  Race and sex  most notably.


  • Alesha
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    3 months ago

    It's all a propaganda ploy anyway. In reality something like 70% of the white guys are in the same boat as everyone else. It's only like 16,000 out of all the millions of white guys that have figured out how to make the big bucks. 

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  • Bill
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    3 months ago

    That's how the left is in general. They pick an enemy and a victim and then spend all their efforts in attacking that enemy and benefiting the victim. 

    What's telling is that if things reverse themselves leftists never say a word as if everything is fine. Equality they claim is so important and must be upheld right up the point their favored classes win. 

    The truth is the left is run on emotion. They claim to be college educated and yet the best they can offer is rich people are evil because they have money and others don't, men are evil because they have power and others don't, and discrimination is bad because it makes me feel bad. Yeah, they're f*ucking brilliant alright. 

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