When I was laid off from my job, my co-worker, who always spoke so highly of me, never contacted me to wish me well.  Was he being phoney?

Please, no trolls, and yes I know that we’re not at work to make friends.  However, please consider the circumstances of my situation

I was a file clerk at a law firm for 7 yrs.  The senior partner’s chauffeur always told me how hard I worked and that he constantly tells the boss (senior partner) how much I hustle in the office.  And he always warned me to not let others in the office take advantage of me, especially because of a lazy co-worker in my department who seemed to pile work on me.  FYI, the chauffeur is also stationed in the office where he has desk, computer, and extension.  He leaves to get the car when the boss is ready to go.  Thus, why we manage to interact a lot.  So please understand that I’m serious about the chauffeur.

When I was fired, we were suddenly strangers, as he never reached out to me w/at least a very brief text such as, “Wish you well.”  I don’t expect a lengthy phone conversation or any heartfelt goodbyes.  But it was kind of ironic that an employee w/a big mouth — constantly gossips about the staff, & speaks his opinion regarding my excellent work ethic & the “lazy fück” (his words) in my department. Then low and behold, I’m fired, & he’s completely silent. In his defense, he wished me Happy Birthday on my Facebook timeline 4 months after I got fired, but wrote nothing in my inbox.  

I’m not looking for sympathy, & I know that when it comes to our job, we’re only looking out for ourselves. But I feel a little unsettling about the chauffeur.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    You've...or some other troll ...has posted this EXACT SAME QUESTION multiple times in the past 3 years.

    The solution to this one is simple... administer Fleet Enemas to yourself several times a day until you get all of the !!!!!! out.

  • 1 month ago

    Some people are really like this, they only know you when they see you, who knows if he is telling something about you at your back and if you are working hard and still got fired maybe that's one thing.I've been there, I have so many friends in the work, we party, get drunk, talked a lot. But when I resigned nobody remembers me, nobody cares. Sometimes we need to learn that people come and go. They will make away if they want to stay in our lives. People like this are at their best when they can benefit from you. So, you have to remember that not everyone being friendly will be at your side through thick and thin, some are only there for happy times and gone when the sun goes down. You can manage without this kind of person.They are only there for gossiping, not really as a friend.


  • Erik
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    2 months ago

    It's pretty simple, once you are no longer working there, you are GONE, no longer part of the company, and therefore no longer part of his life.  So why should he contact you at that point?

  • In late 2018 I left the company I spent over 15 years working for in a senior management role (where I had signed a contract to work; I was making low/mid six figures).  Got along great with people and mentored over a dozen employees into management roles.  Haven't heard from anyone there in over 13 months.  People drift away.  They have new things going on (not to mention, you're dealing with a global pandemic) and they have lives.  It's nothing you did.  The point I'm making is that people leave and get forgotten.  Doesn't matter what your role is.  

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  • 2 months ago

    Work friends drift apart easily and quickly. Do not take it personally.

  • 2 months ago

    Could be you are over thinking this. Many people are friends at work and draw the line outside of work. I would not dwell on this and not take it too personally either: work friends but not social friends--go forward.

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