Georgia (Black) Sheriff Alfonzo Williams says Brooks shooting was justified. On CNN. Thoughts?

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  • 3 months ago
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    The very lawyer who is prosecuting the case once called a taser a "lethal weapon."  He said that in another case earlier.  In other words, by the prosecution's own definition, Brooks aimed a lethal weapon at the cop.  And self-defense, my man, is justifiable shooting.

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    Since a Weasel chooses to block me, but continue to stalk my questions, here is the response that I could not leave below.  You can see the history in my Q&A, not his.  

    I was surprised by the Weasels thoughtful response.  The problem is, you have a lot of people commenting without experience, or sometimes, complete truth.  No one "stood" on the officer.

    I have "kicked" many people, adversaries and my own, to determine for responsiveness after they have been injured.  Once even to see if the electricity they were hooked up to was still on.  In a more experienced mind, this might be a sign for test of how responsive is the guy who just attacked me.  TV has given a glorious thought to on bullet will kill you.  Not true.  People will go on with many.  And at the night, the "law enforcers" or whatever your job is, just want to go home.

    As for the collateral damage, that does warrant investigation.  I guess it hard to draw a clear line between an Officers right to protect himself after being shot at with an agent that would have paralyzed him for at least 6 seconds.  And unfortunately, not a decision you have more than a second to decide.

    Weasel,  keep stalking and blocking my replies to your answers.  As this Hero faces his real issues, your amazing level *7* YA cowardice is even more laughable.

    It will be a floor roll laugh if you respond to this since I haven't chickened out and blocked you.

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    I have said repeatedly on many questions here, that I don't believe they will get a MURDER charge to stick .  There was ZERO malicious intent here. 

    The first officer has a 43 minute body cam video where he was nothing but KIND and POLITE to the suspect and afforded him every last single courtesy, even calling him SIR.   Absolutely nothing happened, at all,  until the SUSPECT  suddenly tried to bolt, and the fought with the officers,  and took them down to the ground in a tussle, where he grabbed for the officers this case getting a taser.......which he then ran away,  turned and fired at the officer.  The officer responded with his own gun......

    how is this anything except self defense  and justified use of force to protect his own life. ?  The charge of MURDER is complete hsyterical over reach due to the current climate in the country.   This is NOT  a George Flyod case. 

    Having said that.......after the suspect was down....the officer KICKED  the suspect and the other was filming standing on him .

    Neither of THOSE two actions , will go well for them. 

    My understanding is.....the officer who fired, also hit several  by-stander cars,  and is being charged with RECKLESS use of his firearm, since he could have killed innocent people. 

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    Uncle tom...    

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