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Does evolution put mankind down?

Does evolution make man look like nothing more then just and ape? Doesn't it belittle the human race? Are we not more then animals?

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  • Fred
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    2 weeks ago

    Only if you fail grasping rudimentary English and a base understanding of evolution.

    We as humans in no way resemble our early fossil evidence. We as human developed an extremely energy hungry brain that now demands 1/5 of our blood energy.  Human evolution was phenomenally rapid unlike any animal evolution displayed in our world's history and left animals in the dust by man's rapid  evolution.

    We as humans are indeed unlike any other animal on the planet!  That difference didn't come by physical evolution of the human body.  All that credit comes from what makes us solely unique from lower animals.  Our minds made up our rapid evolutionary change and continue to change our form to this very day!

  • 2 months ago

    I'm no biologist, but here's how I'd address the questions posed:

    Does evolution make man look like nothing more then just and ape? Doesn't it belittle the human race? Are we not more then animals? - If you limit the scope to just our biological being then yes, we are no much more than apes. The theory of evolution through Natural selection addresses (I believe) only why living beings have changed over time to what they are today. It doesn't really address questions about living a moral life and many more, as those are the areas of other sciences.I guess asking this question would be somewhat similar to asking "Does the fashion industry see crocodiles as nothing more than a source of materials to make shoes?". I guess it does, but that's only because this is their focus (not trying to put down that industry or anything, I'm sure you get the point).I'd be interested to see more opinions on the matter. Nice question.

  • Paul
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    2 months ago

    It is our spiritual nature and immortal soul that makes us unique, not just our IQ, and those characteristics are not the result of any biological process.

  • 2 months ago

    As a quark just entering life I find that interesting.  You mean there are things like human beings up there on the evolutionary trail?  They must be millions of years ahead of me.  I mean, I barely understand up and down much less learn the different flavors involved with being a fully evolved quark.  

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  • 2 months ago

    Yes, evolution made humans the most drifted species among great apes.

    Although all three other genera of great apes (orangutans, gorillas and chimpanzees) still live in similar environments (rainforests) and so look quite similar, human ancestors adapted to savanna during Pliocene era:

    - upright walking 

    - long distance running 

    - more carnivorous diet 

    - and intelligence as a  side effect of hunting, tooling, response  to rough climate changes, etc.

  • Piero
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    2 months ago

    Man continues to evolve. In the last couple of hundred years we have grown several inches in height, and some people claim we have gained twenty points in IQ.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    We are animals. Our ancestor was an ape. Our ancestors were driven out of the forest, where apes live, because the forests in Africa was shrinking due to climate change. A drought was happening, and lots of forests disappeared. Our ancestors evolved adaptations to live on the dangerous African savanna. That is why we are different from apes.  These adaptations include walking on 2 legs, losing most of our body hair, and an increase in brain size and the ability to speak to help us find enough food to survive.

    After we evolved, we took advantage of our brains and changed many things , including inventing farming, and going to school and wearing clothes. These changes do not make us less of an animal. These changes are not biological evolution. They are cultural evolution.

  • 2 months ago

    Evolution makes man looked like an evolved ape.

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    2 months ago

    We are a very special ape.

  • Jesere
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    2 months ago

    Evolution is a Theory,  not a fact....... 

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