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Is it OCD or something more?

Last year I was officially diagnosed with Obsessive compulsive disorder, and while this came to no surprise to neither I or loved ones, I still am suffering from something.

I constantly have this feeling of a daze feeling, and ever since I started ocd medicine i noticed that my OCD hasnt gotten better but the daze is less foggy. Right now because of covid i am going with out my ocd medicine and I have very slim moments of clarity(?). Noises are too loud, and the more there is the more I become lost. I can't think straight, or even completely at times. I leave myself a lot of incomplete notes hoping to pick up  pieces of my brain and put them together.I often get "lost" or forget where I am or doing. Even while on OCD meds, I get lost very easily which makes me not want to drive because I forget why im driving or feel like a passenger in the car and forget im in control of the vehicle, this led to a trip into a ditch twice. I can't focus on anything, work and home life is incredibly hard. I can't even procrastinate without getting distracted or dizzy. I have been told a few times in my life that I might be suffering from ADHD or even dissociation disorder. I'm writing this in pieces so im not even sure i asked anything but whats going on in my head?

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  • 7 months ago

    Has your ability to focus changed for better or worse since starting meds? 

    Do you remember yourself before that point?

  • 7 months ago

    If it's not obsession or compulsion it's not obsessive-compulsive disorder. We're in no position to diagnose. Poor concentration could be a sign of depression. You can take a depression screening test online, such as CESD R or KADS 6-Item if you're a teenager. I have details about this in my answers.

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