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What do you think of a tennis player who says he may not play the US Open because of the Covid-19 and they he got infected by the virus?

by hosting a tennis tournament in his own country in Europe.

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  • I think the reason for saying they may not play the US Open is not the Covid-19 but the restrictions to play in NY. Restrictions which would have meant playing in the same conditions as “normal” players, such as having just your coach and not a dozen people or more in your box.

    There has been no tennis (and no incomes for players) for months and you try to boycott the first tournament because you are not allowed to go to Manhattan? Or you have to stay at the same hotel as the n. 108 ATP?

    The new USTA protocol, btw, allows a wider staff for the players and the opportunity to rent a $40k house outside Manhattan – which doesn't seem a great idea seen what happened in the Balkan nights.

  • 3 months ago

    Most organisations won't hold a tournament without taking all the prcautions required to keep the public protected.   If any player decides they don't want to risk infection (or does) - that's totally up to them and it doesn't matter what I, or anybody else, thinks!

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