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Switching preschool because you were unhappy about something?

anyone went through that and how and what made you unhappy

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  • Merry
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    1 month ago

    There is no one size fits all - any school or preschool can not possibly tick all the boxes for all kids and all parents. 

    I'm a preschool teacher - I have a autistic child in my group. As closely monitored & supervised as all the children are, at times this child hits other children. 

    There are lots of strategies in place to prevent this and supporting positive behavioural outcomes but early this year I had a family complain. 

    They wanted the child excluded. 

    Lots of discussion took place. 

    Review of my teaching and the educators working with me. It was very stressful. 

    In the end, the family that complained removed their child and sent them to another preschool. 

    We can not exclude any child & try as much as we did, the strategies we implemented were not enough for the dad 

    It wasn't the outcome we hoped for but ultimately our preschool was just not the right fit for this family. 

    If you buy the wrong size you return and get the right size ... Different schools suit different people. 

  • 2 months ago

    I switched preschools but it wasn't because I was unhappy, it was because I was moving to another city and I was really upset about it.

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