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What is the main reason Japanese Kami (many) would suddenly appear to a non-Japanese with no connection to Japan or the people?

Also, I was praying to the One God for a very long time, in 2016, and a female God revealed, and I didn't believe God was female.  An angel/Kami appeared and keeps returning.  Also, I began seeing Amaterasu emanations sometimes (but she gets mad at me, and the Kamis sometimes are mischevious and act immature.  Also the Kamis will get mad.  The first time I seen the Kamis (it was only 1) and she sung to me in Haikoos.  She said she was from Omura Japan and I thought her name was Yakashi or Yari or Akari.  Her face clearly showed up to me as a human face.  Later these cartoonish/anime kamis appeared, and then later those same anime kamis appeared but then looked like 18 year old humans and were living in a world like ours, but in another plane, and they can see my emanation in their world.)

 Sometimes I wonder if the Kamis are best ignored and make them go away. I ignored them for 2 years, then they suddenly returned urgently and had become 18 year old humans instead of anime emanations

 But my main question is why would Amaterasu suddenly appear to a non-Japanese with no real interest in Japan (up to that point)?  And has no connection to Japan.

 Is this common, does how often do Kamis appear to Japanese people?

 Is this stuff common to Japanese people in Japan?  Do Japanese teens and young adults see Kamis and do the Kamis emanate first as cartoons then become human?  Please answer as much as you can, thanks.

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    I am a Japanese. I do not have such a experience.

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