Agnus Castus info?

One month in, at 800-1200mg per day, I suddenly started getting some leg aches and pitting edema in my ankles, along with palpitations, for 4 days in a row. Is this perhaps due to an imbalance brought about because I should be pairing the dose with something else or because of an adjustment period or because I'm unsuited to the Agnus Castus? Any ideas/input?

I have a pescatarian diet and am wheat intolerant so do not eat wheat.If I eat wheat I also have edema, palpitations and leg pain. Since I stopped the Agnus Castus immediately upon making the link, two days ago, the edema has subsided. I have today begun taking multivitamins in the hopes of balancing myself out.Am I correct to stop taking the Agnus Castus? But honestly felt mentally clearer and a little more balanced while taking them, had felt that they were helping me.

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