Is it unhealthy to kiss a newborn baby?

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  • 2 weeks ago
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    No, not generally.  You would want to make sure you weren't dirty or that the baby wasn't dirty, but other than that.

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  • How many times? What one doesn't realize is that in the process of giving life, the baby is born several times. Around 4 times I do believe. So to answer your question we would need to know how many births the baby has had. If my memory serves correctly the first birth is this: the spiritual birth, when the baby is formed in the womb. The second birth: the physical birth, when the baby is sown from the wretched hole in which it was nurtured. The third birth: the mental birth, the baby begins to think, and to learn. This birth may take a while after the physical birth to happen. The fourth birth: the divine birth. It might be tricky to know when the divine birth has occurred, but it usually happens around a month or so after the baby has been physically born. If the baby has not had the divine birth yet, I would not recommend kissing it. BASEDGOD OUT.

    Source(s): me, the basedgod
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  • Sky
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    2 weeks ago

    You should probably wait for them to wipe away the birth sauce first.

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