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Malaysia Taxation Quiz?

Anyone could please answer this quiz in a complete form? I'm currently new to accounting course but and I have no idea how can I complete this given question. Thanks in advance. 


v. ........... Aiman’s father who is 75 years old, receives a pension of RM1,200 a month and stays with him. In 2018, Aiman contributed RM620 under SOCSO. vi. Aiman owns a bungalow in Damansara which he rents out for RM8,000 per month. He incurred RM34,000 on interest on mortgage, fire insurance of RM2,600 and assessment and quit rent of RM1,400. He also spent Rm5,200 on electrical and plumbing repairs and  RM40,000 on extending the kitchen. vii. Aiman donated RM5,000 cash to an approved Malaysian charitable institution.viii. Aiman received bank interest of RM14,000 from joint account with Julia, held with a local bank. ix. Julia also received RM70,000 as annuity income and she made a cash donation of RM1,000 to an approved local charitable organization. Required:Compute the tax payable for Aiman and Julia (under separate assessment) for the YA 2018.An assumption is made that the child relief will be claimed by Aiman only.

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    One step at a time.  Make a column for each person and enter each transaction under the appropriate person.  Apply the applicable tax law(s) to each person and type of income or deduction.

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