What price would you ask for a 1977 14 by 70 ft mobile home in good condition details?

in good condition with many upgrades. repairs on 1 1/2 acre secluded on gravel road 1/2 mile off main road, with new water pump- well septic and electric on cleared lot with access to 6 acre fishing lake full of fish located in keysville area of virginia,Tennant been there 5 yrs offered me 20,000 and said don't be insulted


Tennant paid 20,000 in rent and feels he should own it by now with me putting in 15,000 dollars in repairs and gravel

Update 2:

What is wrong with tennant?

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  • Jay
    Lv 6
    3 months ago

    That is one step up from being a piece of trash.  You are lucky that the tenant is not suing you for a dangerous living space.  I can't imagine any situation where that place is not full of black mold, mildew and vermin.

    Give it to them with the condition that  they move it off your land.  

    I cannot see anyone who had a choice in the matter wanting to live in a 43 year old...900 sq ft trailer.

    Ok....well...maybe my idiot LSD-head hippie half brother....he'd live in a tent if he could see a (bathe in a) lake every morning

  • 3 months ago

    I know a guy will haul it away for you...$100.00

    What is wrong with your tenant?  Maybe they've done too many bad drugs.  

    Seriously...they are living in an old, 1977 mobile home that is on someone else's property. ...you are correct...something must be wrong with them

  • 3 months ago

    Like Success said.... an old mobile home has almost no value. The value is the land, and the fact that the mobile home is already there and hooked up. A mobile home can't be moved again (it can but the costs exceed the value). Years ago I bought an old mobile home for $500 from a park that was taking out the old part of the park. Also, you mention that the property has "access" to a lake. Unless there is a deed that says they have lake access, they don't have "access". The lake could be fenced off, or no trespassing signs put up at any time. So the lake adds no more value than for the view. You paid 30k for the property.... it may be worth more or less now. All you can do is see what property nearby has sold for recently, and adjust the comps.

  • 3 months ago

    A NEW mobile home with that square footage sells for $30,000.00

    One that was made in 1977 literally has NO value.  No blue book value at all...it is the kind of thing most people pay to have hauled away.

    It is amazing that it has not fallen apart.

    ....in 1977...that thing would have sold for ....$18,000.00 at the most.

    You could relieve yourself of the liability to continue maintaining it if you just deed it over to the tenant for the cost of the deed and contract.  You can make some  money on this and get a better mobile home to rent out.

    Get a good contract lawyer because you do not want the tenant to come back to you with demands.

    And you really want to make certain that you are deeding the  old mobile home only and not the land it is on.

    Then ...in the  deed...you make certain that it includes language that makes the person you are deeding it to  take it in AS IS condition, agree to never come back to you asking for or demanding repairs, that they immediately put the thing into good repair and make certain that it is well maintained and is not allowed to become an eyesore, that they are responsible for maintaining the drive way and the land the trailer is on, they have to get and maintain their own utilities  and...

    They pay you rent for the land the trailer is on and you can evict them and ask them to move fore no reason  with a 60 day notice.

    You save the land rent for 2 years, make a down payment on a new trailer, ask the tenant to move, put the new trailer up and charge double the rent you were getting before.

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  • 3 months ago

    mobile homes are like cars - they decrease in price with age unlike the real houses. so the mobile home does not cost anything. if u re selling u re selling only the land. ask any realtor in your area for evaluation, no one on here can know the price of land in your area

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