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Is it safe to travel to the Outer Banks, NC?

Family was gonna go on vacation to Corolla, NC next week. Should we wait due to corona? or do you think we would be okay? thanks! 

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    My friend lives near the Outer Banks.  She says no one is adhering to wearing masks and social distancing.   She has already been to the Outer Banks for short vacation.

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    No, it isn't. North Carolina is one of the high incidence spots for Coronavirus right now.

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    Is it safe to travel to........

    You can travel. You can get Covid at gas station on the way to or from.

    You can get Covid from someone you meet on the beach.

    You can get Covid from the server in the restaurant, the cashier or next customer in line at the store.

    WILL YOU GET IT? Probably not.

    Now only you can say if when we get home and Grandma or maybe you get sick was the trip worth it?

    GO if you want. BEHAVE and follow the basic rules of washing your hands wearing a mask when necessary and keeping your distance from strangers.

    The Islands are fine. It is the people visiting them you worry about.

    Sorry cannot guarantee the weather.

    The virus is not over if that is your question.

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    There are so many factors involved. Where do you live? Is the COVID rate higher or lower than in NC? Look on the johns Hopkins map to see. How are you traveling? It's safer to travel in your own car than on a plane. Where are you going to stay? Staying in a condo or house where you don't have to have contact with many people is probably going to be about as safe as you are at home. Prepare most of your food, or get take out. Wear a mask in public. Stay away from people not in your group. 

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  • 1 month ago

    The bigger fear is what you bring to the island as opposed to what you get from it.  

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