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Was i misdiagnosed with autism?

I'm 13 and i somehow got diagnosed as autistic when i was baby, i don't know what age i was but till this day i still have the diagnosis but i think I'm not actually autistic like my parents and doctors think i am. I can recognize social cues, facial expressions, i have friends and etc. I also do things obessively but that's because i want to. Not because of a mental deficiency that autistic people struggle with. I know how to socialize and talk with people but i avoid doing it sometimes because it's more of an anxiety thing. But i really think my autism diagnosis is false, like i don't show any symptoms of autism. I know how to communicate with people. How can i get this false autism diagnosis removed off of my medical records because I'm not really autistic.

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    Nope, they always get it right........................

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    I have a news flash for you: Doing things obsessively is one of the signs of Autism, as is avoiding speaking. If you're a loner ( and I suspect you may be, from the way this question is worded) then that's another sign of an Autism spectrum disorder. People who have Autism are much more prone to anxiety than those who don't have it. So there are reasons why you were diagnosed with it as a toddler. I agree that you need to be retested, however, because it sounds like you have developed some fairly strong adaptive skills.

    Source(s): I have mild Autism myself.
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    You need to ask your parents to have you re-evaluated.   And make sure YOU talk direct to the doctor.  Have the doctor explain to you directly the diagnosis and how they came to that conclusion.

    Ask about being autistic. What is autism.  It can mean many different things, there is an extremely wide range. Ask about Asperger’s syndrome.  Ask about anxiety. Ask when and why you were originally diagnosed. 

    Write down all questions. You will forget all of the them in the doctor’s office.  

    You are now old enough to have all this explained to you.   Take notes while the doctor is explaining it to you, you won’t remember everything. Ask for pamphlets and books that can help you be informed,

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    your parents would have to have you re evaluate

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    Ask your parents if you can be re-evaluated.

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    we are all you take any meds..then just stop and dont tell anyone

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