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My son got tested for Covid-19 without my permission. How can I punish him?

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    why would you? where is the harm in knowing?

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    why would you want to do this? He must have had a good reason for getting tested, perhaps you need to know more about what he has been doing. But if your attitude is that he deserves punishment, I'll bet he wouldn't tell you anything.

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    A  LOT of kids are feeling the stress of the Covid-19 issue.  He must be really worried about having it or catching it, and there is a reason why he felt he couldn't talk to you about it beforehand.  Wouldn't you think it would be a good idea to simply talk to him calmly about why he did this?  Would a bit of compassion for his feelings be in order?  Do you think maybe he's scared about what is happening?

    Here is an online article about teens and trust issues between them and their parents: 

    Try to stay calm and listen to his side of things, and you might see it differently.

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