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Why does my Sharp Hi8 Viewcam show snowy static only whenever I try to play my old Sony  camera recorded Hi8 tapes?

Sharp:  VL H870 ; Sony: DCR TRV120


I tried to record using the Sharp camera on a blank tape and the footage played back flawlessly.

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    The Sony is a Digital 8mm camcorder and the Sharp is analog Hi 8 camcorder.  

    Digital tapes can't be played back on an analog machine.  You might be able to play back analog tapes on a digital machine if there is analog playback circuitry.

  • 2 months ago

    Snowy static suggests the surface of the video tapes is breaking down or that the recordings have not been shielded from magnetic fields, such as you might get from a TV or other electrical equipment. Do they play cleanly on the old camera? If so, this is not the problem. It is POSSIBLE there is a difference in head alignment between the recording and playing cameras but I would expect that to produce a different type of interference.

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