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I don't know what to do anymore?

My spoiled dog refuses to pee and poop outside. He poops inside the house and doesn't pee at all. He's not scared of anything outside. He's honestly just a spoiled brat. He hasn't peed all day and still refuses. What do I do to make him pee outside?. I will sit out there for over 30 minutes walking him around the yard and he still doesn't go. He can't be off of his leash because there's no fence. I'm tired of walking him around for almost an hour just for him to lay down even though I know he has to go. What do I do to make him pee and poop outside? 


Btw I wasn't too lazy to train him. He used to be trained and tell me whenever he had to go. He just stopped because he's a brat. My whole family thinks he's a spoiled brat. I take him out many times a day and he still refuses. So

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    Instead of just walking him around the yard, take him for a walk where other dogs have been.  He will pee where other dogs have peed, marking territory.  Praise him to HIGH heaven when he does & a little tiny treat like a piece of dry cat food.  You will get some more help if you google 'how to potty train an adult dog?'  Don't give up, there is hope.

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    First, it would be quite surprising to find your dog has not peed. He likely has peed, you just have not figured out where he peed.

    Put the dog in a cage, in the main living area of the house such as the kitchen or family room. That way, he won't pee or poop inside the house. If the cage is of appropriate size, he will avoid defecating in there, since he doesn't want to be near it. That means the cage needs to be only large enough for him to stand and turn around in. He probably should not be left in the cage for more than about four hours without relief, if you go somewhere.

    Once you return, or in the morning upon awakening, take him directly outside on a leash. Walk around with him for no more than about ten minutes. If he does something praise him like he won the lottery. Take him inside and give him a treat. If he does nothing, take him back inside and put him back in the cage. DO NOT let him roam about the house. He will be learning, nothing.

    Take him out, again, in one hour. 

    For a dog who is pooping or peeing inside the house, he should not be allowed to roam about in the house. He has developed the idea that the floor is his potty. Perhaps someone used pee pads? Those look a lot like little rugs and are basically part of the floor. If you are or have used them, please stop.

    Once your dog has begun going pee and poop outside, and is getting praised and treated EVERY SINGLE TIME, you can give him some "tile time", which means he can be on a tiled surface, but NOT on carpeting. Depending on his age, give him about ten minutes of play on the tiled surface while you are right there with him. After this play time, take him outside for a potty break, then put him back in the cage. 

    Remember to praise and treat each and every time he does something outside. Pretend he has laid a golden egg. Consider that in doing this, he truly has laid a golden egg, because a dog who doesn't eliminate on the floor is much less likely to be condemned to the shelter. 

    As he becomes more reliable, you can increase his time on the tile, longer, but always watch him. If he has an accident, soak it up, place in the grass, show him and in a GENTLE voice, say: "Good dogs go out". Make no more of it, because you left him out too long.

    If you cannot keep the dog, take him to an ANIMAL RESCUE LEAGUE. These groups take dogs or cats, train them, and then find good homes for them. They DO NOT euthanize dogs, just because they were not house trained, but work with them. There is no reason to make an excuse. Just say you cannot keep the dog. 

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    If he's had a vet check and it's nothing physical I'd definitely get a dog trainer.  The trainer helped me with 2 dogs from rescue that each had issues with urinating/pooping in the house.  With the first older rescue dog, who I never "caught" doing his business, 

    she suggested that he'd been left alone for too many hours and then punished for messing in the house and to let him out and not watch him.  It worked!!!! The little rescue that I have now would sneak into the spare room and poop.  That was an easy fix too, I closed the spare room door. Good Luck.

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    A dog that doesn't urinate for 24 hours needs to see a Veterinarian.

    Instead of referring to him as a "spoiled brat," talk to a trainer and change your thinking.

    I gather it was your choice to get a dog when you knew your yard wasn't fenced?  And you thought that was a good idea?

    I'm not sure which one of you - you or the dog - is the spoiled and entitled brat.

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    Keep taking him out..  Crate him indoors or keep him leashed to you so he cant sneak off to toilet elsewhere.

    There are sprays that may encourage him to urinate and mark over them..  As well as pee posts that also have attractant.

    If he really hasnt peed all day, there may be an issue that needs addressed by a vet.

    A trick to "make" a dog poop is gon a sound odd..  But it works.   Get a cardboard, sulphur matchstick.   Stick the sulphur end up his buisiness.   He WILL go within a few minutes.

    Try a longer lead.  My dog will NOT "go" when walked on a regular length lead.  I have to use a longer lead, a tether or a flexi to get him to potty

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    If he's really not urinated all day, then he's potentially in trouble.  We had one, our b itch who went for 22 hours when we were away overnight before she finally decided she had to 'go'.   I was about to find a vet to catheterise her.  Most male dogs, if walked and where other dogs have emptied, will add their mark so get him on his lead and off for a good walk. 

    Spoilt brat - well who made him that way!!   You need to get him into a routine (like kids, dogs tend to do better knowing 'what happens next').

    There's no point keeping him outside in your outside area for much over 10 minutes, max. when you know he needs to empty.   If he doesn't go within that time, bring him back indoors but instead of letting him have the run of the house, confine him to the room by the door to the outside, stay with him.   The moment he circles, say No! and get him straight back outside.  You have to be persistent or he won't have any idea what you want.  When he does go outside, give him loads of praise and bring him back indoors.

    Poohing should be slightly easier as he should be emptying as many times as the number of meals he has, plus one.  Mine go when they come out of their crates (and outside) or some time close to breakfast.  They'd go again by lunchtime - my Basset would go on his morning walk.   And again during the afternoon or last thing before bed.   Again if you know he's due to have a bowel movement and he doesn't go when let out - don't let him back into the entire house.   Again with a bowel movement, you'll get a lot of advanced notice - circling and 'bulging' (without being too graphic).

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    He's not spoiled, you were just too lazy to train him and refuse to admit it.

    You dug yourself into this mess.

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    First, get an extendable leash so that he has 15 feet to roam and you can maybe sit down.  Second, sit out there for two hours if you have to, quietly.  He will eventually pee.  When he does you jump up and praise him for being such a good dog and give him one or two really good dog treats you had in a plastic bag in your pocket (plastic bag so he couldnt smell them).  Repeat this every day for a week.  Also he may pee quicker if you take him for a short walk and he smells the pee of other dogs- he will want to leave his own signature. 

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    Stop being such a pushover because it is you that has the problem and not the dog. You said it yourself, he's a spoiled brat. So is my dog but he also knows if he misbehaves he will get disciplined, either verbally or physically(has happened about 3 or 4 times since he came in as a stray a couple years ago).He knows to be a good boy and doesn't really need all that much motivation. He's a good boy at heart and sometimes just needs some redirection. 

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    securely attach his leash to a sturdy pole in the ground and leave him outside. he'll do his business or burst.

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