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how do you train your horse not to hit someone?

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    You teach them personal space and to not get close unless they are given permission to. With my horses, when I’m working on groundwork it’s one of the first things I make sure they understand. That way they are safer to be around and its safer to do other training from the ground.

    I use a halter and lead rope, and when they get to close to me or if they try to rub their face on me, I give them a consistent vocal cue first and if they don’t stop from the vocal cue I jerk the rope down towards their chest and make them back up (move all four hooves back a few steps, not just one or two hooves. Then I wait and if they do it again, I repeat the process until they respond to the vocal cue as soon as it made. Don’t slack or ease up on it and eventually they should learn quickly not to not approach you that closely. **I have one horse that can be really pushy in the field. For him I didn’t give him a cue first, I made the vocal cue as I was making my back up. The end is the same, after he figured it all out he would respond to the sound without having to move him and now he knows to not run people over, but he needed that extra 'aggression' to know that I was being firm and serious about my space.

    Same thing in the field. If they get to close to you then I make the vocal cue and either use the end of a crop to push them back away from me or I swing about two foot of a lead rope in my hand and they will back off, or if they are stubborn then you can pop them lightly in the front shoulder with the end of a lead rope or I’ll use my hand or whatever to send then back out.

    If I want to be close to the horse then I'm the one that approaches it, they can come up to me and want attention, but they should know not to get to close. It teaches them that you are the leader on the ground to. You don’t see the boss horse letting the other horses bump into it. A person should take that same attitude in order to stay safe.

    Obviously, it’s for safety reasons, ESPECAILLY when you have multiple horses in the filed together. If they know not to get in your bubble then they are more likely to not turn in your direction and run into you if one horse tries to chase it away. 

    I hope I helped some! I’m sure there are some great YouTube videos from professional horse trainers too!

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    Let me guess...... He's swinging his head at you and almost knocks you over.

    You use standard training methods, including the two-second rule. That rule is that any reward or punishment that you give later than two seconds beyond the desired or forbidden behavior is useless or even backwards.

    Study the techniques of training. There are a great many books on the subject, starting with Xenophon's "On Horsemanship" from about 400 BC. You might also watch videos. such as those of Clinton Anderson.

    If your horse is blind on the near side he may swing his head to look at you or in your direction and hit you in the process.

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    By taming it.

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