Should I be concerned about my leg? ?

I fell going up the stairs last week really hard and hit my shin on the edge of the step. I could move my ankle and put pressure on my foot no problem. It swelled up instantly and I applied ice and rested. 

I now have bruising all down my shin. I just noticed a good size bruise on my ankle now as well. When I put any pressure on my shin, the whole front of my shin has this intense burning pain that lasts several minutes after. 

I don't think its broken since I can put weight on it and walk without pain. It's only painful if I apply pressure or bump it on something. 

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    You likely bruised it severely.  Mark the edge of the bruise with a magic marker and check it in the morning.  

    If it doesn't reduce go to a walk in clinic.

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