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Why average looking women are the worst?

I have notice that pretty women and ugly women are usually cool outgoing and nice

But average women are the ones who feel extremely jealous of hot women

Ugly women know and accept their ugliness so they dont act mean

What is that thing with the average looking women who hate and feel envious of hot women?????

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  • amy
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    1 month ago

    I dont really believe in blanket statement and I havent noticed this myself. Ive noticed I guess average sized women who've given me the snob as walking by thats their own personal issue not mine. I dont have to live with their issues they do. Plus its only happened a few time nothing close to making generalization. On psychological explaination on envy though is a person is raised with a certain ideal of how things should be for them. They fail to meet this should be mark and are envious of those that make the mark. Its the individual and how they were raised.

  • 1 month ago

    Women are often objectified and complete with each other over their looks while men compete with each other for financial gains. 

    The ugly ones you’ve described are likely women with masculine traits who don’t prioritise her looks the way most women do. Equivalent to men who prioritise their looks over physical achievements.

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