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What changes (new habits, meetings etc..) would you recommend a middle aged bachelor implement to accrue success?

I'm that guy who unfortunately isn't happy where he is in life now. I find myself in the following scenarios - a) unemployed and for over a year now, b) unhappy with being single - I've struck out with each lady I asked out over the years; makes me wonder where I'd now be if I had gotten married 10 or 15 years ago, c) in huge credit debt, d) never really been promoted in my white collar field (this probably has to do with my not so steady work history - lots of temporary gigs and quit several permanent jobs due to workplace bullying). Here's a quick description of myself: I'm a short, quiet somewhat introverted guy who's friendly to everyone; I guess some past managers and coworkers couldn't stand that..weird, e) don't own a car; I have a license but can't afford one, never mind have the funds to maintain it and f) presently live with a relative. When I was an undergrad in college decades ago, I thought, by this age I'm in now, I'd be a senior level director at a company, happily married to a beautiful, compatible woman, have great kids, live in a really nice house; the whole nine.  I need your help in brainstorming ideas of actions I can take that hopefully will bring stability (economic..) and more happiness to the rest of my remaining years.  My relatives are thankfully doing well; I feel like I'm the black sheep. I'm tired of those close to me feeling bad for me. The one good thing is I have no criminal record. Please, no insults; thank you.

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    You may be a great candidate for pursuing education or training in a different field, perhaps one where you can improve your finances. Once you're more independent and feel good about your professional life most other things will fall into place. 

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