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How could a dog survive a space flight?

Before Gagarin became the first human in space, the Soviet Union sent dogs first. Some of these dogs returned safely back to Earth. My question is how could a dog, so small and fragile, survived a physically enduring space flight? Especially during launch and re-entry, when they would experience extreme g-force on their bodies.


Laika was never intended to survive her space flight but the subsequent space flights have the dogs returned safely to Earth.

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    The whole point of the flight was to see if a man could survive such a flight -- the dog was chosen to specifically reflect that survivability -- it would have been pointless to send up an animal considered more fragile than a man .

    Laika was not expected to survive ,as she was there to test out the spacecraft's systems -- one of which duly failed ,and she was euthanised in space to save her more suffering .. 

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    I'm mainly guessing here, but I don't think there's any reason to see dogs as fragile.  Most other mammalian species are a lot stronger and tougher than humans and smaller objects are relatively tougher than larger ones.  Also, dogs are not generally small anyway.

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     Monkeys, dogs, cats, tortoises, mice, frogs, and insects went to space and came back. Tortoises and some insects went around the Moon in 1968 (and survived) to prove that crossing the Van Allen belts was not automatically lethal.

    In 1972, mice went around the Moon in the Command module of Apollo 17.

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    They didn't survive.

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    Liaka did not even cross the Van Allen Belts

    The Vessel crashed and the Russians kept it secret

    Did you know, Liaka had a State Funeral

    Better Technology and a kind Master would help

  • Robert
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    Laika didn't survive crossing the Van Allen Belts. 

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    These were not small, fragile dogs is one reason. Dogs and cats are pretty resilient. They can learn and can adapt. They are survivors. German shepherds are not chihuahuas. 

    Do some research. Find out what kind of dogs they were and what happened to them. Be sceptical about your sources. There's a LOT of misinformation out there. History gets rewritten all the time. 

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    Dogs are actually tough little creatures.

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