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Is it good for someone to be in Calculus 1 in 11th grade?

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    Yes, that’s a higher math class than what an 11th grader would normally be placed in, which I’m pretty certain is algebra 2. If you ask me personally though, no calculus is really hard.

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    Not necessarily. It depends on exactly why someone was put in an advanced math class. Someone may be gifted but their verbal skills and aptitude may be higher than their mathematical skills. 

     A private school put me into algebra 1 in the 8th grade in 1967-1968 because I got on the honor roll all four quarters in the 7th grade. Math has always has been my worst subject. The school administration REFUSED to put me back to the normal math class.  I went to a different private school for my junior and senior years. There was no such thing as a precalculus class back then. Because of the change to the other private school, I took NO math at all in the 12th grade. In the 12th grade I HAD to take calculus because the SCHOOL required 3 years of math IN high school to graduate. Calculus 1 was the normal 12th grade math class at that particular school. That private school had AB and BC AP classes in the 12th grade. I was a college graduate before I started to realize I might not be dumb or stupid in math. I just don't think like an engineer. I can and do think critically and logically, but I think deductively, not inductively. Math is a symbolic foreign language. In college and graduate school I made through 5 semesters of calculus. usually with CS. I have math testing anxiety, and very likely number order synesthesia. I ha can go into near panic attacks andiw blood sugar episodes in math tests. I've been a type a diabetic since I was 2 years old.  I am not using this as an excuse for poor performance. Math testing anxiety is REAL. When I was 14 years d my IG was 128. I did NOT know that until much later. . I still have no idea what is in a precalculus class to this day. I have no children or grand current. My best friends kids were and are geniuses. One of them has a Oh. D. I. Physics and master's degrees in physics and aeronautical engineering. 

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    Yes, of course. It means you have a good math aptitude!

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