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Anyone else think BLM is just too out of control? ?

I get that black lives matter, but haven't they always mattered? And just because a race matters (as all people do) doesn't mean cops lives don't matter. And then, why make a criminal the reason for this?? I get that what happened was wrong, but he's a criminal. There are so many more people you could have made the reason for this. And, because of one thing a cop did, now they're all bad? That's literally going against what you're trying to say here. You're saying that the actions of one black person shouldn't make the whole race hated, yet that's what you're doing to cops. At this point it's not even black lives matter movement, its police officers don't matter movement. Yes, change is good. But one violent act shouldn't set off hundreds more. You're trying to fight against the violence that happened, and the way to do that isn't violence. That's hypocritical and kind of pathetic. Feel free to share any other opinions. 

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    The only blacks (and some whites who want to be seen because they think it is cool) that are destroying are those that could really care less about what happened. They are using this incident as an excuse to set fires, vandalize, assault people and terrorize complete cities and towns. Most of these thugs are not even from the city that the event happened in, the are opportunist who travel to these cities with one thing in mind to destroy, steal and assault.

    If BLM was a real thing, these street hoodlums would not be destroying black businesses, assaulting black residents, killing black police officers. The only thing that matters is what they can steal, how much they can get and what they are allowed to get away with.

    Notice the cities and states where these hoodlums are destroying are all Democratic controlled (Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle--Illinois, Michigan, Maryland, New York, Washington) and Washington DC.

    These Democratic Governors and Mayors would rather see their cities and states destroyed in hopes it will get Trump defeated in November.

    The Democrats are giving anything these thugs are demanding. Statues torn down and removed. Statues that have absolutely nothing to do with this situation. John Wayne? Really they want his statute removed and the airport name changed and California did it. 

    I wonder what the reaction would be if statues of MLK, Joe Louis, Arthur Ash, were removed? How about if Jackie Robinson's statue was removed? These so called BLM thugs want to destroy white history, but not theirs.

    These are not protesters, they are (many paid) terrorist, thugs and just regular street criminals.

    BLM is a hoax, it is an excuse, and only the Democrats are condoning it

    These thugs want the police departments disbanded, but yet when they fear for their lives, who do they call? Not Pelosi that is for sure. They call the police, you now the police that they want disbanded.

    Now I understand this post will be taken down asap because the truth here actually makes these thugs look bad.

    In response to Goffica? There are more white people killed by police than blacks and have been for the last 10 years. Only thing is, white people do not riot when it happens do they? When is the last time a white riot took place? Oh I know NEVER

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    It's important to separate the concept of lives mattering from the corporate fundraising entity known as BLM. There's a reason the Biden campaign is suddenly reporting record donations. 

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    Well, it’s not simply ‘one cop’ who has been hurting and killing black people and other people of color. The police have been murdering black people for a LONG time. And yes, there are officers out there who aren’t the ones killing black people, but those officers still turn a blind eye to the cops that do. The justice system is corrupt, and it has been for a while now. 


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    🥴 You're late in the conversation, cupcake. 

    Racial profiling in law enforcement goes back a long time. 

    Over 30 years. 

    But over the years ppl grew tired of hearing about unarmed civilian deaths and worried they'd be next for no valid reason at all. 

    And sure enough it kept happening on a national level. 

    So... BLM is correct to protest. But you're right in saying some factions are out of control. 

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