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My succulent keeps stretching!! Help! ?

I have aloe, hens and chicks, and echeveria in a shallow/wide pot.  I had them in a north facing window. I noticed my echeveria stretching, so I moved it to a sunnier window. It was still stretching, so I bought a grow lamp and pointed it directly at the echeveria. The other succulents are doing well, but even with the grow lamp, the Echeverias continues to stretch more and more every day. It’s getting to the point I might just toss it and give up. Aside from getting in a spaceship, taking it into space and hurling it into the sun, I don’t know how to give it more sunlight! I am turning to random internet people as a last resort before just throwing it in the trash.


Btw I live in a very humid climate.  Lots of rain and miserably humid every day it doesn’t rain in the summer. So I think putting my succulent pot outside would do more harm than good.

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