quitting fast food job because of 2 people at my job?

needed cupcoozies bc some1 ordered 4 & line is wrapped around building-me and this guy couldnt find them and my boss storms in grabs a box tucked away and i speed walk in front of her back to my window and she tries to throw it on the table behind me right by my window and she does, but it also hit me and she just stormed off. its possible she didn't notice but even the guest at the window saw and looked shocked. that's not the reason im quitting though - a new manager she hired is cool sometimes but under stress and the pressure of how busy the job gets she gets loud and mean. I reminded them over the headset kindly that i get off at 2:30 so they don't forget about me all the way by myself at the back of the store. a coworker came back and told me not to remind them what time i get off anymore bc it makes that one manager mad. so i knew that she was up there cussing like "i f---- hate when she does this sh---"  and when i clocked out she thought i rang my order up on drive thru but i didnt and so when i replied "no I didn't" (no attitude) shes like "always have to f---- argue" under her breath - but i never argue with her. So I got a job front desk at a nice hotel bc I have years of front desk experience anyway. Im in my 20's.. Im not going to be treated badly and let it keep happening.. Or make a scene at my job.. Im just gonna leave. Is this is right decision? Some coworkers ive gotten close with are sad and ill miss them but cant deal with the other stuff

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  • Scott
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    You need thicker skin, snowflake.

  • 1 month ago

    You should quit. Fast food is a stupid industry and only fattens the public. Be a self respecting person and become unemployed to farm the establishment. Without valuable workers like you, they will be forced to increase wages and you will be awarded for your brave actions. Tell the 2 workers about your decision to sacrifice yourself for your own wellbeing and theirs. Tell them they are worthless scum and that you will override the institution singlehandedly. Also spill their coffee and call them chickenheads. They will not realize they are being insulted because they are very dimwitted. You can laugh and fart to assert superiority over their feeble minds. Tell the nice coworkers that will be sad that you are doing your country a favor and that they can join you. Go to the bathroom briefly to prepare by destroying all the toilet paper and leave a note with the mean coworkers names on it in their handwriting. Then storm out proudly while singing "Country Roads". You will create an area of pure anarchy. Then wake up from your dream and continue your miserable existence. And maybe talk to your boss about it? Or them? See a therapist. I dont know what "cupcoozies" are but you need a therapist if you are seeing cupcoozies, as this is a sign of both schizophrenia, epilepsy, and narcissism. Good luck on your endeavors, brave soldier.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You have a lot of growing up to do.

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