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Ferret safety ?

So my ferret has free reign of one room all day, including when I am out of the house. She absolutely loves to look out the windows, which I am fine with when I am in the room but not when I am gone. The problem is that the house we are in has absolutely no air conditioning and this is fine if the windows are open. But if the windows are closed then it would quickly get way to hot for a ferret. I’ve tried moving furniture away from the windows so she can’t get up when I am gone but she always finds a way. The windows do have screens but obviously that does nothing to stop a ferret. I’ve tried putting a metal rack over the screen but she hates it because it blocks her view and she almost hurt herself trying to get them to move. 

I’m wondering if anyone has any advice on how I can reinforce the screens so it is safe for the windows to be open and for her to look out?

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    They make screens that are cat proof so maybe they would be ok for ferrets. Something to look into. 

    Can you buy an air conditioner? 

    If you are handy maybe you can make a wooden frame and put some hardware cloth on that and stick it in the window. 

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