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How does a non-American view North America?

This is for someone who doesn’t live here, or hasn’t lived here their whole life. What is your view on the country? When I look at other countries, they look very old, not as colorful, or just not as nice. Is North America viewed as a nicer country? What is your opinion on it compared to other countries?

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    From a distance    

    The further the better 


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    Since i was 12 i got this dream of living outside my country and the US was, for years, the only country i had in mind. I used to think it was the perfect place where everything is not only nicer but, the absolute best! The education system, the healthcare, everything.

    As i got older and saw more of America and its people i realized there is no such a thing as a perfect country. Moreover, America made me realize something obvious: you cannot accurately define a country by looking at one specific group of people because A - there's many different groups of people within a country and, B - even within a group of people there are immense differences from person to person.

    So as a foreigner, i can look at "the average American" (or at least the idea we foreigners have of the average american) - white, middle class, has a nice big house, has a spouse and kids, lives in a nice neighborhood, pays for the kids college, have loads of opportunities to do anything and be anything they want, have the world at the palm of their hands. And although there's a bit of truth to that, i now know that's not all of America, as crazy as that would be to my 12yo self - America has porverty too *mind blown!*. The working class, loads of people that work their asses off but are underpaid! Maybe have a kid on their way, has to pay rent, has to pay bills and then gets pretty much no money left afterwards, "crushed by system" whatever that means. I realized that the difference between being under the line of porverty here in my country (Brazil) and in the US, has a limited amount of differences. Now, being just at the line of porverty, being just poor, over here is INCREDIBLY different than over there. I would say, that the average poor Brazilian (like me) doesn't face a few things that the American poor does. US economy is huge, ours is in development, so being poor over there is harsher! You're crushed by harsher economic issues. That's an oversimplification btw.

    I could also look at the "extreme idea of what America is" and as such i could just say you guys are all a bunch of racists, white supremacists and stuff, but of course i won't do that. Not all of you are like that, but some are indeed.

    Am I'm getting off topic? God, what a terrible answer this is..

    Anyway what I'm trying to say is i believe there's multiple ways to describe people from a country and/or a country itself. Although all of those ways have a bit of true to them, none of them accurately portraits ALL of the people and ALL of the country. Because, again, different groups of people constitute this country. Different ideals, opinions, beliefs, cultures, etc..

    And even within those specific groups, each individual is different. There is no such a thing as group with people that are 100% the same. As such, i see America by what it truly is, because i ses America by multiple views, not just from one single point (like from the "a bunch of racists" point or the, "a bunch of middle-class people" point).

    Hopefully i made my point clear and didn't waste the time of whoever reads this, if anyone will. That's it. See ya

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    Secksually ......

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